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Packaging Python Applications with PyInstaller

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Packaging Python Applications with PyInstaller

Martin Fitzpatrick
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There is not much fun in creating your own applications if you can't share them with other people, whether publishing it commercially or sharing it online. Distributing your apps allows other people to benefit from your hard work!

Unfortunately, packaging Python applications can sometimes be hard work.

In this book I walk you step-by-step through the process of packaging your own Python applications. Starting with simple examples and working up to complete installers and signed executables.

I've been packaging Python applications for years — honestly, it feels longer. With this book you get the benefit of that experience & save yourself the pain.


  • 160+ page ebook of hands-on packaging examples
  • Includes PyQt6, Tkinter, PySimpleGUI, wxPython and Kivy examples in the book
  • Plus PySide2, PySide6 and PyQt5 examples in the source downloads
  • Email support for readers
  • Code free to reuse in your own projects
  • PDF and EPub formats
  • Lifetime updates — you get new editions for free.

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PDF & ePub Ebooks, plus all Python source code

PyQt5, PyQt6, PySide2, PySide6, Tkinter, wxPython, PySimpleGUI and Kivy
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